A Decade of Experience

I spent 5 years as a hardware designer at Apple (iPod, iPhone, Watch) and then several tech startups (Pearl Automation, Noon Home, Inboard Technology) working to define, design, build, and ship products.

I've served in roles such as VP Engineering, Head of Hardware, System Architect, and Founding Team Member.

  • System Architecture & Component Selection
  • Product Definition & Goals
  • Program Schedule & Budget
  • Supply Chain & Manufacturing
  • Experienced in high volume, premium products

System Architecture & Component Selection

Expertise in hardware system architecture, specializing in low power, small form-factor, highly integrated, and design for high volume manufacturing. Chipset selection for SoCs, PMICs, memory, sensors, connectors, and a variety of RF technologies such as BT/BLE, WiFi, Cellular, GPS, etc. Extensive component level experience with lithium ion batteries, camera modules, & imaging pipelines.

I can help with overall product architecture where the EE and ME teams interact. PCB MCOs & floorplanning, FPCBs, rigid flex, e-flex, thermal analysis, antenna & desense issue mitigation, ESD/EMI, and designing for reliability.

Product Definition & Goals

I've worked on new product definition & roadmap at both big companies and small startups, for both existing markets & brand new ones. I can help your team think through product-market-fit, competitive analysis, portfolio positioning, and business models.

For consumer products, you have to figure out what balance of cost, schedule, features, complexity, quality, and volume is right for your company.

Program Schedule & Management

Hardware doesn't have to be hard if you know how plan for it. I've sheparded complex products from concept through prototyping to production and beyond. I can help figure out program schedules that make sense for your product, and PM the execution.

Consumer hardware products require a triangle of checks & balances between Product, Engineering, and Quality teams. Understanding how to get everyone moving towards the same goal is crucial.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

I have spent 15+ months on the ground at contract manufacturers and vendors in Southeast Asia, working to bring up factory test & assembly lines, leading development builds, and coordinating with manufacturing partners. I have worked with several top-tier CMs from project kickoff to mass production.

I can help with CM selection, supply chain development, manufacturing test & assembly, and thinking through operations logistics.

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